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This section of our site is designated for articles and news stories that will peak the interest of both professional and casual golf bettors. Our news and articles archive will span a wide range of topics and golf related niches, from informational to entertaining in nature. We don't want to draw you here to bore you, but rather to provide valuable information and maybe even a laugh or two. In our efforts to provide a comprehensive resource guide to our visitors, we will draw upon the inherent newsworthy happenings that the professional golf industry readily produces, and combine it with the insight and experience of veteran betting consultants.

What you won't find here is advertising articles, fluff, or misinformation. In our opinion, the Internet is full of those elements, and we want to bring a fresh presence to the golf betting community in a way that is reliable and down to earth. Our chosen approach is a collaborative relationship between golf and betting and all that this niche brings with it. We will include news stories, how-to articles, information on current events, and players, and various other informational articles. It is our intent that the more you read about the nuances of the sport and its participants, the more you will love the game and naturally, the more informed your wagering decisions will be.

How to Bet on Golf

Get valuable information about how to bet on golf, including an overview of golf betting lines and how to interpret them, as well as information on selecting the right golf betting site. Read Article.

Understanding Golf Betting Odds and Lines

Before you start betting on golf, you need to have a basic understanding of how to interpret and apply golf betting odds and golf betting lines. This article provides easy to understand information that will give you the insight you need. Read Article.

Golf Betting Tips & Tricks

The golf betting tips and tricks in this article will help improve your results and your enjoyment when betting on golf. These tips are tried and tested by veteran online gamblers who have been at this a long time, and who have a lot to show for it! Read Article.

The Greatest Golfers of All Time

Find out who is considered to be among the greatest golfers of ALL time! Those who follow the sports may already know who makes up this elite group - those who don't know much about past golfers may learn a few things. Read Article.

Top 5 Golf Courses in the World

Find out which courses are the world's top rated golf courses, and makes them so special to golfers. Read Article.

How to Achieve The Perfect Golf Swing

This article provides a valuable how to guide to achieving the perfect golf swing, step by step. You will find that it is easier than you think to perfect your swing, and with just a few simple tips, you can be golfing like a pro. Read Article.

Golf Handicap: The Mysterious Phrase

This article explains the meaning behind the phrase 'Golf Handicap'. This piece of golf terminology can be confusing to those who are not active in the sports of golf - and understanding it will help you make informed wagers when you are betting on golf. Read Article.

Guide to Understanding Golf Scores

Gain insight into how golf games are scored and what that score means to a golfers record and skill set. Read Article.

Tips to Achieving a Proper Golf Grip

The quality of your grip can play a huge role in your results as a golfer. This article will reveal some very helpful tips for those who want to perfect their golf grip and improve their game. Read Article.