Golf Betting Tips & Tricks

Now that we've explained golf betting odds and lines to you in layman's terms so that you can understand what it is you're betting on, it's time to offer up some tips. We pride ourselves on offering useful, to-the-minute information that will help you succeed at betting. We don't have any skin in the game; we don't operate a sportsbook we're trying to lure you into. We simply want to direct you to the best, legal golf betting sites and provide you with the tools to use to actually win your bets. That being said, it never hurts to have a few tips under your belt. Maybe you clean up when betting on the NFL. Maybe you have a heck of a hot streak going with basketball! Golf is neither of those sports. Betting on golf is different than any other sport, and so you need tips based on golf specifically. Here are a few to keep in mind.

1: Research Performance Numbers Per Tournament

While you might see some good odds on a sportsbook, don't leap on them blindly. Just because Joe has a great moneyline that can pay off, and you know he's a big favorite over Jack, that doesn't mean it's a lock. Do your research. Maybe Joe has a hamstring pull. Maybe he doesn't do well at a certain golf course; e.g. Pebble Beach or Augusta. Yeah, it's painful and boring to some, but performing research on golfers you wish to bet on is the best way to prepare yourself for a winning bet. Make sure the golfer you wish to bet on is playing at the top of his or her game. Make sure you're not sneaking up on some Kryptonite out of the blue. Be careful, do some due diligence, and bet with your head first and foremost.

2: Try to Bet Per Round, Not Per Tournament

Okay, for this tip, let's say that you have a gut feeling and some good factual data which would suggest that old Tiger Woods is going to break his slump and win the Players' Championship this year. And with his odds at 15:1, you're thinking about putting down $100 to possibly win $1,500. It's a relatively safe bet, considering your information is solid, but the fact is that too much can happen during the course of a tournament. What you're better off doing is betting per round. For instance, let's say he's teamed up with Rory Mcllroy, and the sportsbook has a pairing line offering Tiger at +140, making him the underdog in the pairing. Now, this is not near 15:1. If you bet $100, you're only winning $40, not fifteen times the amount. But betting on the round gives you an opportunity to adjust and increase your bet every round. This way, if Tiger starts to fall off, you can take Rory instead and still end up winning. This concept can apply to live betting on golf as well.

3: Leverage Whenever Possible

Speaking of leverage, no one is saying that you can't still capitalize potentially from the first bet you were inclined to make. However, $100 is perhaps too much to risk. Try a bet of $20 to start. If Tiger does end up winning, that's $300 in your pocket. However, if something happens and he loses, which is far more likely, you're only out $20. And since you're leveraging on round-by-round play, that $20 loss doesn't sting in the slightest. You're still making about $40 per round. Yeah, this isn't a get-rich-quick way of betting. It's basically grinding out smaller amounts and allowing them to accumulate. But what this does is it eliminates the big risk. You're not going to suffer big losses.

4: Don't Ride Big Names

Tiger, Phil, Rory these are all big names that people love betting with when tournaments roll around. But have you ever heard of Jordan Spieth? He's a 21-year-old kid out of Dallas, Texas who won the Masters this year, surprising everyone. You can get lost with the big names. It's like looking at the NBA in the preseason and picking who your MVP will be. Who wouldn't want to bet on LeBron James? Though for everyone who did, they would have lost their money because Steph Curry, a name no one considered, had the year of his life. This is because the field is exponentially larger than the player. If it's not Steph, it's another one of the hundreds of players. If it's not Jordan Spieth, it's another one of the many golfers. It's just far more likely that one of the thousands of golfers who make the cut every year is going to win over a big, well-known name. That's just how it goes. And this is why you should avoid betting on big names, and betting on strict tournament favorites, and should instead leverage your bets per round.

5: Pick the Perfect Site

For the last tip here, just a word of caution: Make sure you have a good sportsbook with which to bet. Make sure they're legitimate with your money. Make sure they offer plenty of good betting options for your golf games. And make sure you know how to navigate the site and get your money in and out. Nothing much more to say, other than pay attention to the site. It makes all the difference. The recommendations found on our USA Golf Sportsbook reviews page will all present you with a secure, high quality and legal golf betting experience.