Reviewing The Top Rated USA Friendly And International Online Sportsbooks Offering Golf Betting

Why are our golf betting site reviews an essential part of our resource guide? The answer lies in the fact that our reviews are the portion of our website that truly meets one of our primary objectives: to direct golf fans to the most legitimate and safe online golf betting sites in the industry while simultaneously assisting them in avoiding the many questionable destinations that are out there on the Web. As a gambler of many years, I started enjoying online gambling before there were a lot of reviews and resources available. I learned things the hard way, through hard knocks and by making the mistake of visiting sports betting sites that were not as legitimate as they seemed. I paid the price through financial loss that at the time, was hard to swallow. I genuinely want to help other gamblers avoid this type of pitfall and successfully access legal golf betting that has a lot to offer to them.

For those of you who are just realizing that you can bet on golf, we caution you about running out there and hopping on the first US friendly golf betting site you come across. There are a select few online sportsbooks that offer a genuinely secure, high quality and enjoyable online betting experience. There are many others that offer exactly the opposite. One thing we are serious about is steering you in the direction of those select few that will provide that safe and rewarding environment for engaging in responsible online sports wagering. In order to do this, we've spent many hours and much effort using an intense review process to expose the bad apples and reveal the crowning jewels that make up our list of recommended sportsbooks offering golf wagering options. Below is a list of our recommended sites with access to thorough reviews on each of them. A little further below that list is a look at our review process and how we determine which sites to recommend to our visitors.

Golf Sportsbook Reviews (3 USA Friendly, 1 International)
Sportsbook Name Bonus Rating USA Visit Review
Betonline $1000 5 Stars USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
Bovada $250 5 Stars USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review
TopBet $250 5 Stars USA Friendly Sportsbook Visit Site Read Review

Our Review Process? How We Determine the Quality of Golf Betting Sites

Our review process is a multi-step evaluation that is far too intricate to cover in its entirety here. However, we definitely believe you should be informed about the key essential components that carry the most weight in our evaluation of each sportsbook. Here are some of the most important components to our review process:

Licensing and Legitimacy - The very first thing we verify when performing a sportsbook review is whether or not the site is operating legally within the industry and is sanctioned to offer betting lines on golf to their customers. There are several elements involved here. We first verify that they are licensed by a respected governing jurisdiction that employs standard licensing requirements and regulatory oversight for betting on golf. In addition, we review their fair gaming practices and their participation in compliance audits. This criteria must be met to our satisfaction in order for us to go on with the review. If a site is not 100% legitimate or if they are not transparent with their credentials, they are immediately eliminated from inclusion in our guide.

Security - Once we are done verifying their legitimacy, we then make sure the site is safe. We carefully evaluate their security profile to determine if they are adequately protecting their customers' sensitive data. We want to see a security profile that rivals that of world class financial institutions, including advanced data encryption technology, savvy firewall and anti-virus protection, and fraud prevention systems that protect both the operators and players. This level of security does exceed minimal licensing requirements for most regions, but we consider it a demonstration of a brand's commitment to providing a safe and secure betting environment for their customers.

Quality - While legal credentials and a safe environment are essential, access to a high quality betting experience is also a must have. We determine the level of quality offered through evaluating several key elements, including: the overall site design and application of the user interface, the range of golf betting lines and wagering options that are available, how competitive the odds on golf are as compared with the Vegas bookmakers, whether or not the bonus offers and promotions carry reasonable and fair wagering requirements and terms, and a host of other criteria that affect the level of enjoyment they offer.

Banking - A secure, efficient banking suite is necessary for successful betting opportunities. The first thing we take a look at is the range of deposit methods and withdrawal options. We look for strong support of the site's target audience through a distinct variety of reliable and reputable online payment solutions. Next we examine how effectively deposits and withdrawals are processed, including the speed by which they are completed. If gamblers cannot get money into and out of their accounts, then actually betting on golf is a mute point.

Customer Support - A competent, responsive and knowledgeable customer support staff is highly critical to bettors. We aggressively test the team in place at all of our recommended sportsbooks to ensure customer issues are always addressed timely and effectively through easy access to their services. If a site appears in our list of recommendations, then they were able to handle the creative issues we threw at them with ease. We prefer to see live chat options, but we also want to see that customers can pick up the phone and call them or email them.

Reputation - This may be the last point on our list, but is certainly not any less important than any of the other criteria by which we review an online golf betting site. How favorable a brand's reputation is among players and industry professionals speaks volumes about them. This is where you will get the real inside information about how customers are treated, how well payouts are handled, and what people love or hate about them. This information does carry weight in our overall decision, though we balance it carefully with our own personal experience as a registered bettor at their site.

There are many many more elements that we address during our review process, but these are some of the key points that we hit and that have a strong influence in our overall rating of each sports betting site. We take the responsibility that comes with presenting review information, ratings and recommendations very seriously, hence pouring a lot of hours and effort into arriving at results that are accurate and meaningful to our visitors. As industry professionals and seasoned online gamblers ourselves, we approach the process from a multiple perspective standpoint to offer a well rounded view of gambling in general.

Before you actually start placing your bets, we encourage you to take a look at our Golf Betting Articles section where you will find informational articles that provide information on Golf Betting Odds and Lines as well as some helpful Golf Betting Tips and Tricks, among many other topics that will enhance your knowledge about golf betting.